About Our Company

Touchstone Realty Texas is a new Real Estate Brokerage, we are actively recruiting Real Estate Agents across the entire state of Texas. This Brokerage will provide Texas Licensees an easy and inexpensive way to keep their real estate license active and continue to make money without all the dues and fees. Don’t fall prey to those that say, you need to be a member of NAR and your Local/State board to sell homes. That simply is NOT true! 

  • If you have a full-time job and want to have real estate as a part-time job, that should be an option.
  • If you are retiring and want to continue to generate an income on referrals, you now can.
  • If you are relocating from Texas and want to refer customers to any Realtor in any state, yes you can do that with this brokerage.
  • If you are an Apartment Locator, typically you do not need the MLS.
  • Can’t afford the dues and fees at this time, you do not need to pay NAR/Local/State Board dues and MLS fees with this brokerage and may continue selling homes. 
  • Our Real Estate Agents specialize in new home sales! Contact them today!

You have worked too hard and invested thousands to get your real estate license. Stay in the game and keep your license active. No MLS Fees! No NAR Dues! No Local/State Board Dues!


Call or text 210.722.3488 for more information.